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In the interest of our customers we have developed complete solar sets. Their parameters have been precisely calculated and the sets themselves appriopriately tested. They are designed to heat tap water and to suport central heating. Our kits contain all the necessary elements, often including those which many competitors do not take into account. Our collectors are characterized by robust and durable design proven even in the most difficult conditions. They  have been awarded with a Solar Keymark certificatemfor their efectiveness and compliance with the requirements of the European standards. Individual components of these sets.

We offer 2 types of collectors - flat plate and vacuum. They differ in construction, operating parameters and performance.

The advantages of vacuum collector:

  • direct flow panelsSolar_Keymark
  • increased performance in transition periods compared to flat collectors
  • possibility to install on a flat, pitched roof, vertically and on the ground
  • vacuum filled double walled glass tubes
  • highly reflective parabolic mirror
  • absorption rate up to 95% with the emission at the level of 5%
  • ideal for heating tap water and to support central heating systems


The collectors life span reaches at least 25 years.



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