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About Us

O Regess®

We are a dynamic, fast growing company with years of experience in the Belgian, French, German and Polish market. We supply higest quality solar energy conversion systems such as:

  • solar sets (based on both flat-plate and vacuum collectors; sets also available with inox/stainless steel boilers),
  • solar sets integrated with an air source heat pump,
  • ground source heat pumps,
  • air source heat pumps.

Solar_KeymarkOur solutions are characterized by an excellent quality and durability. We offer up to 15*-year warranty. We offer solar systems for heating water, supporting low-temperature heating systems and hot water in swimming pools. All our solar collectors are certified by the German Institut für ISFH Solarenenergieforschung in Hameln and meet the requirements of the European Standards EN 12.975-1 and BS EN 12975-2. Our products have all major certificates, including SOLAR KEYMARK. We have installed thousands of solar systems in Europe.

* solar collectors only

Our offer also includes modern stoves, boilers and burners for biomass. These devices range in power from 6 up to 285 kW, and can be often fueled not only with pellet but also oat, chips or wood. They are used for heating all types of buildings of only a dozen up to several of thousand of square meters.

We offer favorable trade conditions and are open to various forms of cooperation. Welcome. Our clients get technologically perfect products. We have the necessary knowledge, experience and qualifications to provide professional advice on the selection of the best solution, its installation and subsequent operation. Our advantage is the flexibility and timeliness of delivery. At this moment we are concentrating on the production of high quality solar energy solutions for worldwide distribution and we are the fastest growing company in the sector.

Distributors worldwide
The Regess® products are being sold in Europe,Asia, Latin and Central America and Africa.


We offer you the possibility to distribute the Regess® solar systems on your market too.


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