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Pellet manufacturing process consists of appropriate grinding, drying and compressing of the biomass into granules. Depending on materials used in production the quality of the pellet can vary a lot.

Our biomass is characterized by excellent quality parameters. It is manufactured exclusively from natural raw materials: sawdust, wood shavings and wood chips and does not contain commonly used additives in the form of PVC or painted wood scraps which are harmful when burnt and give off an unpleasant odor and leave a lot of ash.


The size of granules varies between 6-8 mm. They smell to fresh wood and it’s combustion does not make the room dirty. The biomass is easy to transport, store and use.



  • pellet is eco-friendly and efficient fuel, neutral in terms of CO2 emissions
  • 1 ton of fuel leaves only 2kg of ash which can be used as a fertilizer
  • 1 liter of fuel oil can be replaced with 2kg of pellet
  • wood in the amount of 2 m3 = 1 ton
  • to heat one family house it takes about 5-8 tons/ heating season of pellet
  • our pellet is one of the most calorific ones in the market


Cat. No. 08-REG-P14  Wood pellets 14 kg bags



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