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Burner RGS Bio

Burner RGS Bio is a burner in which controlling has been maximally simplified to provide users with the maximum comfort. Our range includes the following models: BRB16 kW, BRB24 kW and BRB32 kW, of which each is efficient at 96%. To protect the environment, we have equipped the burner with the modern function of the second generation that precisely adjusts power to the demands of a given building. The broad-band lambda probe can economize fuel by up to 40%. The advantages worth mentioning include: the control over flame with a photocell, possibility to operate up to 16 heating circuits (heaters and floor heating or hot water), 3 phases of firing up that eliminate gas explosion at starting, AUTOSTART function after voltage cessation, and separation of air into primary and secondary that reduces the level of exhaust gas emissions to the minimum with maintaining the efficiency of the machine at >94.5%.


Basic parameters:

Heating surface [m2] 50-200 100-300 150-400
Power range [kW] 4,8-16 7,2-24 9,6-32
Mean power input [W] 30 35 40
Length of loader [m] 1,6 1,6 1,6
CO emissivity [ppm] <200 <200 <200
Container capacity 305 305 305
Dimensions of container (width x depth x length)  [mm]] 600x600x1300 600x600x1300 600x600x1300

Cat. No. 03-REG-BRB16 Pellet Burner RGS Bio 10 kW
Cat. No. 03-REG-BRB24 Pellet Burner RGS Bio 24 kW
Cat. No. 03-REG-BRB32 Pellet Burner RGS Bio 32 kW





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