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King Size IND Bio

King Size IND Bio is the biggest boiler in our range. Its task is to meet the most difficult demands in large-surface buildings such as schools, playgrounds, sport halls etc. Knowing the needs and duties of administrators of heated facilities, we have adapted our machine for the hardest conditions, regardless of daytime or weather. We have put a lot of effort to make the boiler maintenance-free and operating regardless of fuel type. The assumption that we undertook during designing works were: availability of fuel at hand, CO2 neutrality, low consumption of electric energy, possibility for operating with an additional fuel container. Moreover, the broad-band lambda probe reduces the demand for fuel by 20%. King Size IND Bio is, as the only one, equipped with a control cabinet that, thanks to a large alpha-numeric display screen, facilitates an extremely easy operation. The counter-flow heat exchanger, excellent insulation to reduce heat losses into the environment (there is an 85 - 110 mm layer of glass wool between the body and the casing and there's an insulation made of glass fibres between the front door), self-cleansing burner equipped with a worm that pushes ash out off the grate, and 305 l container with a possibility to expand it to 1386 l, guarantee long-standing and nearly maintenance-free operation of the boiler.


Basic parameters:

Building surface [m2] 300-750 400-900 600-1300 1000-1800 1100-2600 1400-3750
Power range [kW] 15-50 23-75 30-100 45-150 60-200 86-285
Depth [mm] 957 1170 1430 1495 1560 1755

Depth (incl. burner) [mm]

1564 1945 2205 2435 2495 2503
Width [mm] 740 830 830 870 910 910
Height [mm] 948 1115 1115 1215 1385 1385
Weight [kg] 356 482 559 694 889 979
Container capacity [l] 305 305 305 305 305 305


Cat. No. 03-REG-KSB50 Pellet boiler King Size IND Bio 50 kW
Cat. No. 03-REG-KSB75 Pellet boiler King Size IND Bio 75 kW
Cat. No. 03-REG-KSB100 Pellet boiler King Size IND Bio 100 kW
Cat. No. 03-REG-KSB150 Pellet boiler King Size IND Bio 150 kW
Cat. No. 03-REG-KSB200 Pellet boiler King Size IND Bio 200 kW
Cat. No. 03-REG-KSB285 Pellet boiler King Size IND Bio 285 kW




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