Extreme IND Flow


ImageCat. NoNameDescription
09-REG-VACUUM1 Vacuum System 1 (pump, control, suction sensor)  
09-REG-VACUUM2 Vacuum System 2 (pump, control, sensor, 2.6m worm feeder, motoreductor)  
09-REG-VAPIPE50 Reinforced feed pipe with the diameter of 50mm 2 x 1m  


ImageCat. NoNameDescription
09-REG-EDO boiler door  
09-REG-ETA25/40 fuel tank 25/40kw  
09-REG-ETA60/100 fuel tank 60/100  
09-REG-EVENT burner ventilator  
09-REG-ECON tech ST-701 controller  
09-REG-EBUR25 complete burner with motoreductor and 25kw transmission  
09-REG-EBUR40/60 complete burner with motoreductor and 40/60kw transmission  
09-REG-EBUR100 complete burner with motoreductor and 100kw transmission  
09-REG-EIGN Igniter  
09-REG-EBLO ventilator – air-blower  
09-REG-EWHIRKIT a set of swirl inserts for the boiler with mechanism  
09-REG-EWHIR 1 pcs of swirl insert  


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