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heat pump

The operation of the heat pump is regulated by a compact controller and the heart of the device is a high quality compressor guaranteeing many years of a fault-free operation.






  • for heating a house
  • a compact unit ready for installation on the outside of the building
  • heat power from 5.8 kW to 11.5 kW
  • COP value from 4.25 to 4.55
  • maximum temperature of DHW  55°C
  • modern controller with a room regulating unit and a possibility to use it via Internet (optional) – fixed IP required
  • higher efficiency thanks to an electronically controlled injection of the cooling liquid to the evaporator
  • possibility to be connected to any exchanger of a working installation
  • integrated circulating pump
  • very quiet operation thanks to the use of the new generation fans
  • very efficient automatic evaporator defrost system
  • works well also in the temperature below -15ºC

Standard equipment of Maxi Air heat pumps:

  • integrated outdoor unit
  • Siemens controller
  • built-in electric heaters (its power depending on the model)
  • electronically controlled expansion valve (increases the efficiency and improves regulation and pump operation parameters)
Specificationu.m.Maxi Air 5Maxi Air 7Maxi Air 9Maxi Air 11
Catalogue number - 02-REG-MAXIAIR5 02-REG-MAXIAIR7 02-REG-MAXIAIR9 02-REG-MAXIAIR11
Heat power 1) kW 5,8 7,1 9,8 11,5
Power consunnption of the compressor 1) kW 1,4 1,7 2,3 2,5
Coefficient of Performance
- 4,25 4,29 4,59 4,55
Temperature limits °C up -20 to +35 up -20 to +35 up -20 to +35 up -20 to +35
Max. temperature of DHW °C 50 50 50 50
 Built-in electric heaters power kW 2.10.2004 2.10.2004 2.10.2004 2.10.2004
Compressor type - Copeland ZH Copeland ZH Copeland ZH Copeland ZH
- plate fin plate fin plate fin plate fin
Expansion valve - electronically
Cooling factor - R407 C R407 C R407 C R407 C
Automation - Siemens RVS 41 Siemens RVS 41 Siemens RVS 41 Siemens RVS 41
Dimensions (length x depth x width) mm 1640 x 800 x 520 1640 x 800 x 520 1640 x 800 x 520 1640 x 800 x 520
Weight kg 110 176 178 180

1)    depending on the pump model and weather conditions

2)    when heating the tank from the temperature +10°C to 45°C 

*) 2 years warranty to maintain technical parameters is granted provided that installation is made in accordance with the instruction manual by an authorized, trained installation personnel and a paid inspection is carried out after each subsequent year of operation.

Exemplary installation diagram with the use of devices offered by Regess Energy:


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