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We offer a hot tap water heater with a heat pump in the air-water system Comfy Air Prime 200 l.

Product information:

  • compact device ready for an easy assembly in both new buildings and renovated buildings
  • drying the room during operation
  • cooling function in the summer period
  • heating water up to the temperature of 55°C thanks to the active heat recovery
  • at an average daily demand for domestic hot water of 40 liters per person, for a family of 3, this type of pump consumes only 2 kWh of electric power per day
  • possible to set time zones of domestic hot water heating, ECO function – an intelligent domestic hot water heating function
  • automatic tank heating function (anti-legionella)
  • installation of the heat pump at the external walls
  • a tank with a copper coil installed on the outside (app. 40 lm of copper pipe spirally wound around; coil for freon only) and a standard coil in the tank meant for solar water heaters or other heat source
  • electric heater for seasonal heating-up included
Specifications u.m.Comfy Air Prime
Cat. No - 02-REG-ATW200
Heating capacity 1) kW 1,92
Nominal power consumption 1) kW 0,6
COP value 1) - 3,2
Electric power heater kW 2
Supply voltage V 230
Operating temperature range °C +5 ÷ +35
Max temperaturę of hot tap water °C 55
Tank capacity l 200
Connection nozzles GW 1''
Condensate connection mm 10
Operating pressure MPa 0,6
Air flow m3/h 300
Compressor type - Embraco/ Aspera
Noise dB 45
Elecrtrical protection - B16
Refrigerant - R134a/1.4 kg
Weight kg 125
Dimensions (LxDxW) mm 1500 x 670

1) when heating the tank from temperature +10 °C to +55°C

The pump of this type should be used in rooms with minimum air circulation at the level of 300m3/ h. Therefore we recommend to lead the air duct outside the building (to avoid excessive cooling of the room) which will make the pump operating at a higher COP ratio (especially in the summer period).


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