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Ekologiczne ogrzewanie


Reduction of the costs by up to 75%, independence of fuel type, environmental-friendly system – these are the most important advantages of heat pumps.


Of numerous advantages that are characteristic of heat pumps, the following are worth mentioning: lack of additional elements that have to be used in the models with traditional boilers, small overall dimensions that usually do not exceed one square meter, lack of chimney or a separate utility room. Apart from the essential function of heating that is fluently operated, only some people know that it may also generate cooling.

The operational easiness and functionality make heat pumps the ideal solution for those who wish to live far away from large urban agglomerations and think of becoming independent of mass energy suppliers. Quiet work and long-term trouble-free utilization as well as the possibility to expand the machine with solar installations and recuperation systems enhance, in the face of economic crisis and constantly increasing fuel prices, their attractiveness and make them almost unbeatable.

How does a heat pump work?

A factor of bottom source, while passing through  an exchanger, receives heat energy from the ground, air or water. In an evaporator, the factor gives back its heat to a cold cooling factor. Next, the cooling factor evaporates and is transformed into gas that, compressed by a compressor (an increase in temperature) is transferred in a condenser to a CO system. Liquefied gas, after passing through an expansion valve, reduces its pressure and temperature and flows into the evaporator where the whole process is repeated.




Where does a heat pump take energy from?

Horizontal ground exchanger:
Ground water:
is fitted at 1.5-2 m deep under the ground. The potential for using a large building plot and the cooling option make this method increasingly popular. Installation of the heat pump is limited to connecting the device to the ground collector, warm water tank and already existing heating installations.

to which we get an access by bores or wells. The heat that is accumulated there is pushed through an intermediate exchanger and transferred back beneath the ground. The advantages of ground water include the possibility for usage on a limited surface area, stable temperature and passive cooling option.

The original controlling marks us out of our competition because it allows for:

Sterownik do pompy ciepła

  • weather programming that enables the user to set an increase or a decrease of temperature in heated rooms depending on external temperature,
  • daily programming that enables the user to set different temperatures, for instance comfortable at 22ºC or economic at 18ºC at different day times and days of the week,
  • economic programming that enables the user to set the intensive water heating in the CO system and hot utility water at the periods of off-peak tariff,
  • controlling the system of several heat sources, for instance a fire-side, a gas boiler, and solar collectors,
  • supplying and controlling the additional heat receivers such as a pool, ventilation centre etc.,
  • supplying and controlling the air-conditioning system


In the buildings constructed according to the current standards we use the following models of Smart & Solid heat pumps:

Cat. No: NameUsable floor area
03-REG-SSPC8 Heat pump SMART & SOLID 8 kW up 120 m2
03-REG-SSPC10 Heat pump SMART&SOLID 10kW 100 to 150 m2
03-REG-SSPC12 Heat pump SMART&SOLID 12kW 140 to 170 m2
03-REG-SSPC14 Heat pump SMART&SOLID 14kW 150 to 200 m2
03-REG-SSPC16 Heat pump SMART&SOLID 16kW 200 to 300 m2
03-REG-SSPC19 Heat pump SMART&SOLID 19kW  od 280 do 350 m2

In our standard range, we offer the pumps with the power of 8 to 19 kW.
The company also produces the machines with different power, even up to 100 kW, on request. For details, please send your query to: info@regessenergy.com



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