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Nominal capacity   10
Max. tank operating pressure MPa O ÷ 0,6
Voltage V~ 230
Electric heater power kW 1,5
24-hour consumption of electric energy 1) kWh/24h 0,5
 Temperature range °C 10 ÷ 65
Heating time ( At=35 °C) min 18
Magnesium anode Rod 160mm, M6 mm  
Pręt 85mm M6 mm 18.10.1940  
Length L mm 415
Depth D mm 415
Width W mm 195
Spacing R mm 100
Net weight kg 9
  • Heaters can operate as pressure heaters (equipped with a safety valve) or non-pressureheaters (to be used with a non-pressure three-way tap).
  • Available in two models: to be installed above or below the basin.
  • Tanks are insulated with polyurethane or polystyrene foam.
  • Enamelled with a magnesium anode.
  • Smooth temperature control.
  • Possibility to add taps and flexible connections.
  • Electric heater + Mg anode:
  • - Ares 10 on a 5/4"plug


Catalogue No.CapacityNameDescription
10-REG-ARESPA10 10 Ares Pressure, above basin Areselectric heatersare the devices to heat up and maintain domestic hot water both in utility rooms as also in households. They are available ina non-pressure version to be operated with a three way tap and a pressure version with a safet yvalve. Protected with Extra Glass ceramic enamel and a magnesium anode allow to forget about corrosion for a longt ime. Each device is equipped with a temperature controller and polystyrene foam insulation. Heaters are available invariants to be installed above and below the basin.

10-REG-ARESPB10 10 Ares Pressure, below basin
10-REG-ARESNPA10 10 Ares Non-pressure, above basin
10-REG-ARESNPB10 10 Ares Non-pressure, below basin





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